Smaller, safer steps………… By Jon Bennion-Pedley

Everyone here at Investment Owl hopes that you and your family have stayed safe through the pandemic – physically, spiritually and financially. I don´t think we are at the end, or even the beginning of the end, but we are certainly some way away from the beginning. Mortality is showing at 3.5% of tested cases and I personally believe that it will be less than 1% of contracted cases. Corona almost definitely isn´t going to “get” you! Poverty, on the other hand??!!

Throughout the pandemic sophisticated investors have continued to invest and have taken advantage of some very good value assets, some very undervalued stocks, the repositioning of the market for healthcare and all things Covid, and some very exciting business start-ups. A number of investment Owl clients have taken advantage of the Pardus Bond that pays a fixed return of 20% per annum but needs a minimum investment of $125k. Not accessible to many!

The truth is that most people have got out of the habit of investing or thinking about money in anything other than the shortest of terms. We all need to break that bad habit of doing nothing! Inactive money doesn´t gain in lock-down or at all. Your savings really do need to be working as hard for you as you did for them.

BUT!! We know that we need to make it easy to get back into the habit and so we have sourced, researched and approved two new investments that have a much lower entry level and offer absolute security on your investment. Both of them pay regular coupons, both of them beat current bank rates, and neither of them attract withholding tax. Take a look below!

Godwin Capital 

Researched and qualified peer to peer lending delivering:

  • Minimum investment $10,000
  • 10% fixed return
  • Coupon paid every six months
  • 2 year investment term
  • Excellent security – debenture over group assets
  • Strong track record – a five year history of paying investors in full and on time.
  • No Withholding tax

The business is a commercial property developer that only borrows money to build commercial property that has already been purchased by a one of their bigger clients such as McDonald´s, Shell, Starbucks or Aldi.  I have met with the directors several times and like their business model. Risk is eliminated by the pre-sale of the development plus for investors that is administered by a UK government  appointed security trustee.


  • Researched and qualified bond investment delivering:
  • Minimum investment $5,000
  • 9% fixed return
  • Bond listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • 3 year term with immediate exit option
  • Coupon paid every quarter
  • Excellent security – debenture over group assets that are held remotely
  • Strong track record – a three year history of paying investors in full and on time.
  • No Withholding tax

The business is a commercial finance lender based in the UAE and UK that lends money to successful businesses in the region to help them expand. Their business and underwriting model is excellent and profitable and their default rate in terms of the loans they make is tiny. Risk is eliminated by a charge over a very large unencumbered asset base that is also administered by a UK government appointed security trustee.


So if you have more than $5000 doing nothing and want to make it work for you without risking capital in these uncertain times then get in touch. We will talk you through exactly how it works, how you are secured, and how to make the investment. Stay safe from Covid with a mask and from financial stagnation through a long-term relationship with Investment Owl!


By Jonathan Bennion-Pedley