2019 – Investment Goals

As I wrote here last week, one of our main goals for 2019 is to be undefeated throughout the entire calendar year – a perfect record of market-beating returns for all our clients. We believe that gold, commercial peer to peer lending, AI, marijuana stocks, and med-tech will be the big winners over the next two years.

When we meet with investors in person they generally tell us that they want a wider range of investment options and the consensus is that the typical “perfect” portfolio would look a little like this……

  • 15% cash held in a bank that offered a reasonable interest rate on current account balances and excellent levels of customer service and management
  • 50% in fixed rate mid-term investments with very mitigated risk paying between 5% and 8% per annum and offering high levels of tax efficiency
  • 25% in fixed rate shorter term investments with good security paying between 10% and 12% per annum
  • 10% in speculative investments such as pre IPO share offerings, leveraged trading with risk limited to investment, or anything that may pay more than 25% per annum or increase capital by more than 100%

So our goal is simple – offer a suite of products to meet the perfect portfolio as described by you! But we also want to add value to our relationship with our clients in some new and improved ways. Early next year we will be announcing:

  • Our partnership with a private bank offering clients a whole new level of service, security and tax-efficiency
  • A new off-shore bond product that offers clients excellent tax-efficiency and unrivalled security and that will deliver 6.5% per annum over a 3-5 year term
  • Some exclusive 2 year property investment strategies that deliver 10% per annum as income…..and up to 25% per annum as capital growth
  • A selection of researched speculative investments  that we believe offer a better than average chance of delivering the optimum

And we will, of course, continue to meet with both product providers and clients on a 1-2-1 basis……..still the only way to do business.

2019 is a year in which we want to continue to help our investors protect their existing assets and also create a lot more wealth. And to build more great relationships with our clients.