An ongoing success story

It remains reassuringly difficult for providers to meet the standards that we demand that providers exceed before we promote their investments. And even after meeting those exacting standards we reassess every provider and their offerings on a quarterly basis. Because it is your money and our reputation!


In 2016, after extensive due diligence, Investment Owl decided to ratify and recommend investments into The High Street Group – one of Britain´s fastest growing property developers. In 2017 and 2018 clients invested more than £50m into the High Street Group loan note – and throughout the year investors received all their capital and all their interest on time, every time. Our clients earned between 12% and 18% per annum interest – and most reinvested all or part of their capital.


We liked, and continue to like this investment because of the high levels of unencumbered assets, the 100% repayment record, and the way that High Street Group exits its projects.


In 2019 our clients will be able to earn 12% in the new High Street Group loan note, rising to 15% in 2020 – and for those who stay invested there is the opportunity to earn up to 22% per annum in the future.


So what are The High Street Group doing with investor money at the current time? Here´s a flavour click here


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