Investment Owl 2018 – Played 11: Won 10 Lost 1

Investment Owl has had another winning year. We introduced clients to a wide range of investments and 10 out of the 11 delivered at or above expectation. We are still fighting to get the one loss turned into a draw. In 2017 we were undefeated but had less victories so I will take that as progress!


Our 2018 client wins include:


  • Investors in The High Street Group receiving full repayment of their investment into three separate loan notes and interest of between 10% and 18% per annum


  • Investors into a gold purchasing syndicate achieving returns of 24% in 2018


  • Our clients accessing ISA schemes that are paying them between 7% and 9% per annum (instead of the 2% they previously enjoyed!) without losing the security of FSCS cover


  • Investors into Grow Biotech, a medical marijuana IPO, buying into the first issue at £1 a share and seeing the whole of the second issue purchased by a Venture Capitalist at £2.20 a share


  • Our average investor yield rate was more than 11% per annum


  • We were able to negotiate a special deal with a hotel development that is paying clients who invest more than £100k 1.5% interest every MONTH! (18% per annum)


And of course we saved a number of clients from investments that failed or didn´t return what they were supposed to.


Our clients are telling us that what they want next year is diversification. The chance to fix returns in a number of different markets and a number of different asset classes. In the year of Brexit (allegedly) clients that have portfolios with a strong UK weighting are looking for secure investments elsewhere in the world. We have listened and have a number of very interesting opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


We learned valuable lessons this year from both the ten successes and the one failure. I am determined to go through the 2019 season undefeated and I will be telling you how we intend to do that soon. 2019 looks like being our best year to date by some distance.