Weasel Words

When I first came into the financial services industry (a mere 31 years ago – ouch) I expected to experience the accuracy, efficiency, morality and long-termism of a nation (UK) that had financial services and financial markets at the epicentre of its economy. Unfortunately all too often the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is mugged by spivs from a little further down the Commercial Road.

Along with investments, language is a passion of mine and so when I see the spivs distorting the English language to mislead the genuine investor it sends shudders down my spine. This is my least favourite line of the week, promoting an investment where there are no guarantees and no security……. I would like to share this opportunity with you, as in our opinion, this is arguably the most attractive, credible, secure and rewarding property related investment opportunity in the UK right now.60% return on investment (contractually projected)”.


I am slightly irritated by the “in our opinion” followed by “this is arguably”. In your opinion it either is it or it isn´t. (It isn´t by the way). But what took my breath away was the sheer dishonesty of “contractually projected”. Firstly I am not sure that it is possible to contractually project. And even if it is a projection is worth absolutely nothing to the investor. Weasel words. Interestingly the sender attached a photo of himself and he does look a little stoat-like. He also has a fondness for button-down collars which made me nostalgic as I think I last wore one on my first day in the financial services industry.

Good investments don´t need to play with words. Compare those above with this:

·         24 month fixed term

·         18% per annum return

·         Interest paid monthly

·         100% asset-backed investment

·         Investors represented by an independent security trustee

·         Site visits available and encouraged

·         Previous investor references available

I know which I prefer.

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Happy investing!