ISA Season

ISA season is well and truly upon us. There are the usual incredible (ie totally unbelievable and frankly improbable) deals on offer, the cash ISA is threatening that it might, perhaps, one day, maybe, pay you as much as the rate of inflation……and the biggest danger to savers is inaction due to bafflement. The ISA remains the most tax efficient wrapper for any saver or investor so here are my best deals in each of the three main classes of ISA. Do something – you only have 12 days to invest or you lose this year´s £20k allowance.

So here is what I would do if I wanted a……..

·         Cash ISA – first I would have my head examined because at a top rate of between 1.5% – 2.3% (for a 5 year commitment) I am effectively resigning myself to losses in real terms as inflation is higher than the rate I will receive.  If you must then go to Shawbrook Bank, Coventry Building Society or Skipton Building Society. And then have a long lie down.

·         Stocks and Shares ISA –  this is the one referenced above. There exists a very small window of opportunity for investors to put money into a stocks and shares ISA that pays a fixed 7.5% of sum invested per annum on 30th June every year and that will close and return all capital to investors on 1st July 2020. Do the maths – 7.5% of your £20k allowance paid back to you on 1st July 2019……..and again in 2020.

·         Innovative Finance ISA – an investment into a litigation fund that has performed excellently over the past three years. Paying quarterly at 8% for a 5 year investment and 6.5% for a three year investment. Track record good, returns fixed, some risk.

The 15% in 15 months deal is managed by an FCA registered and regulated fund manager. It has been running and paying since 2015. It´s a really clever and good option. And there is not much time before the ISA close date or very much space left to invest in this issue.

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