RoH? By Jon Bennion-Pedley

Investment……boring isn´t it? Honestly?

I have worked in the financial services industry since I was 19 years old and 90% of it is indisputably as dull as ditch water.  The majority of people in the industry are also low on charisma and very blinkered in outlook. Others are remarkably self-satisfied and terrible company. There are an abundance of TLAs and FLAs – three and four letter acronyms designed specifically to confuse and mystify what could be simple, straightforward and satisfying. And let me tell you something else – we find brilliant investments that return good income every month/quarter/year………but I have never, ever, felt a thrill of any sort when I receive my interest payments and I am fairly sure that my clients don´t either. The pinnacle of emotion for most investors is quiet satisfaction when they see their interest hit their bank account. There´s an RoI, a Return on Investment, but no RoH: no Return on Happiness.

The older I get the less I care about the financial return and the more I care about the impact of my investing. I want to make money and preserve wealth but I don´t really want to do so in partnership with one of the self-satisfied bankers mentioned above whilst bolstering the balance sheet of a multinational. Instead I want to make a low double-digit annual return over an appropriate period of time whilst seeing a measurable, defined impact on the lives of those not as fortunate as myself. In short I want my investing to make a positive difference for planet, people and problems whilst giving me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Is that possible?

It is. The Return on Investment level for the social housing project we are delivering is more than 11% per annum. And the Return on happiness in knowing that nearly 3,000 families over the next three years will finally have safe, appropriate housing after a wait of up to seven years is off the scale!

Whether the investment is social housing, cancer research, psoriasis treatments, job creation or reduced maternal mortality the financial returns are solid and the sense of satisfaction and return on happiness is huge.

I´m more than happy to tell you more about the options and the ecstasy! Just get in contact here