Investment Insanity

The sanest people do the in-sanest things with money. Almost without exception every my most cautious and balanced clients have previously acted totally out of character and put their hard-earned money into an investment that has lost their capital. Often they did so at the same time that they were talking to me and very eloquently expressing their disbelief in get-rich-quick schemes.


I spend hours, days and weeks researching, analysing and testing the claims of all the investments we promote to clients. The vast majority fail. Every cryptocurrency purchase, offshoot, ICO and tech start-up has been rejected because every one of them fails the key tests for intelligent investment:


  • Can we predict with reasonable certainty the growth pattern? 

    Not in a million years.

  • Can we guarantee reasonable liquidity without significant loss? 

    No. The best established cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) has fallen in value from $20,000 to $3366.

  • Is there any intrinsic value in the investment? 


  • Is there a potential for total loss? 

    Yes. Total loss is probable on all but a handful of more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies.

  • Is there past evidence that this is viable (sector, management team, business)? 


  • Would I invest my own money in it without fear of loss? 

    No. cryptocurrency is currently a gamble not an investment.


Every month sees our clients receive both their capital returned and the yields they were promised received from the investments that we recommend.

Horror stories like this one – Quadriga CEO Gerald Cotton dies, leaving $145million of cryptocurrency locked away – CNN

The founder of a Crypto Exchange died and no-one can access the wallets where he stored $145m of client crypto monies don´t happen outside of the chaos that is the completely unregulated crypto-sphere.

We all work WAY too hard to allow our money to disappear like morning mist. 12-15% per annum returns may not mean that retirement is imminent………..but it is a good deal closer for our investors than for those who have monies locked away in the Quadriga CEO´s laptop.

Unfortunately…… couldn’t make it up.