Fortune favours the brave

This week´s blog is very short…….and potentially very sweet for an investor prepared to act quickly.

No more than twice a year we are offered an opportunity that delivers exceptional returns with absolute security over a very short time-frame. The condition is always the same. Our clients and I have to act quickly.

Today I was offered such an opportunity by a business I like that is owned by people that I trust. My clients and I have invested in them many times and always been repaid in full and on time. This is the offer:

·         Minimum investment – £50,000 (Maximum £1m)

·         15% interest on funds invested for just nine months

·         Funds returned with 15% interest before end October this year

·         Investment must be completed before 1st February

·         Full debenture against very substantial assets

The investment will allow my client to acquire additional property adjoining a project of theirs that is already underway and will allow them to make substantial economies of scale. The urgency is because my client must complete on the acquisition of the land before 1st February or another bidder has a right to buy. The total funding requirement is £4m and we have already secured nearly £3m of this from directors of the business and clients that have invested in the business before.

There is more information available for genuine investors that have the ability to complete on this deal in the next seven days. Get in touch?