Investment Hack: The only way to balance risk and reward for the cautious investor……

The majority of people that we speak to want better than average returns on their savings with absolutely no risk to their capital. There has never before been a way to do this. Why not?

In practice there are two distinct ways in which to deploy your savings: Deposits or Investments.

  • Deposits…………are the lodging of money with financial institutions at market interest rates where the first £85,000 deposited with any one institution is fully insured. Typically you will receive an interest rate of between 0.2% and 2.2% per annum and your capital is completely protected


  • Investments……are the lending of your money to an investment manager, broker, fund, business or industry where some or all of your capital is at risk and where in return for taking that risk you receive a much better interest rate – typically between 5% and 15% per annum.

Which means until now if you won´t take some risk then you can´t make a return above inflation……and so your capital reduces in value anyway. The investment equivalent of being firmly wedged between the rock and the hard place. Because by their very nature investments that deliver better returns simply can´t guarantee the protection of your capital.

But an insurance policy can.

The best ideas are always the simplest. And this is brilliant. In conjunction with a proven, trusted partner and a major insurance company we have designed an investment where your money is placed in a fixed term (3 or 5 years) ISA or Investment Bond and you get returns of up to 9.949% per annum paid quarterly. And the money that you invest, every last penny of it, is fully and directly insured by a Lloyds Insurance broker so that you can be certain that your hard-earned capital isn’t at risk at any point.

And so within the next 10 days we will finally launch a financial product that offers the best of both worlds – investment-grade returns with deposit-grade security. Obviously availability will be limited so if this sounds like it could be what you´ve been looking for then let us know using the form below and we will send you all the detail 72 hours before the official launch date.