Using your annual bonus to own property in the UK – by Jon Bennion-Pedley

Investors, and especially Ugandan investors, love owning property. There is something visceral in having the land title for a physical plot or building as opposed to a share in a project, the benefit of a high-interest loan note, or a bond that yields at a much higher level than a rental property.


Some of that is generational. I presented to an investment club AGM recently and offered them a bespoke deal guaranteeing a 15% annual return paid quarterly for a 12 month investment into a UK property developer. Absolute capital security and at least five times what they will make on a property investment in Uganda……… a currency that will appreciate against the UGX by at least 15% over that period. Most under the age of 45 “got it”, no one over the age of 55 liked it. What can you do?!


The answer? You can offer Ugandan investors the opportunity to own property in the UK outright. It should be managed under contract, offer a guaranteed yield, and require no investor involvement. Investment Owl has done just that for UK and Overseas investors for many years.


In UK there is no restriction on foreign property ownership as long as you aren´t a politically exposed person. The UK allows foreign nationals to buy property without restriction – directly or through a company. So if you, or a group of you, don´t like financial instruments and do like pure property ownership then you could consider buying a property in the UK or Europe in one of these sectors:

Student Property

The UK continues to be a big draw for students from home and overseas. There is still a shortage of good quality student accommodation close to centres of learning. Studio apartments are available from as little as £49,000 and can be purchased with a management contract that guarantees a net return of up to 8.5% net per annum. You own the apartment outright and receive the net income annually from the management company. This is a proven sector into which Blackstone, one of the world´s biggest investors, has recently followed Investment Owl!

“Blackstone, the American private equity group, is paying £4.66 billion for IQ, the student housing company. IQ is one of the biggest providers of private purpose-built student accommodation in Britain. It owns and manages more than 28,000 beds, mostly focused on Russell Group cities. The sellers are Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking division and Wellcome Trust, the medical research charity.”

We currently have very attractive student property available in Liverpool, Cardiff, Bradford and Sheffield priced from £49,000 to £120,000 and generating between 5% and 9% per annum for their owners.


Holiday Rentals

We help clients to source and purchase European property in prime holiday locations – and then to benefit both financially and spiritually: you and your family/group can use the property for up to 6 weeks a year and still  benefit from net rental returns of between 4% and 9% per annum. The property is let and managed on your behalf and the net rental returns are assured. We have an extraordinary development on a chateau estate 200km outside Paris which is stunning and very desirable. In general clients will invest between $200,000 and $1m to own apartments or villas in such a location and will enjoy returns of up to 10% per annum.

Private Rental Sector

There is a housing shortage in UK – and property prices have increased so much that many native Brits will never own a home in Britain. This creates a really good opportunity to purchase existing properties with a proven rental history. These opportunities are rarer but we recently helped a client purchase three city centre apartments in Manchester for less that £180,000 that had an existing rental income of more than 9%.

If we understand your budget, the investment lifespan, and your needs and wants then we can help you own investment property in the UK outright. Property that will generate a net income of between 4% and 9% in a hard currency – and that will increase in value by a further 4% every year.

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Written by Jon Bennion-Pedley