Picking Winners – by Jon Bennion-Pedley

It gives me absolutely no pleasure to say, again, “I told you so” – when another esoteric investment fails to deliver returns, and to return capital. I blogged here a few weeks ago about the madness of allowing retail investors to bet on something as high risk as Sirius and today The Times reported that Sirius is on the brink of collapse. It follows Lendy and other investments we spurned in crashing and losing client funds.

I do take a massive amount of pleasure in seeing the investments that pass our very strict due diligence return monies and handsome interest payments to our clients. This week we will see the last investors into High Street Group´s Trafford project paid out and paid back. Their 16 month investment returned their capital…….and a very welcome 24% interest.

It´s worth spelling that out – our investors received the equivalent of 18% per annum interest on their money………….and received their capital back in full………less than 18 months after their investment.


The reason that we pick so many winners is that we do the research, ask the difficult questions, and only promote opportunities that we believe are certain to deliver what they promise.

It means that we kiss a lot of frogs before finding the very few investments that do charm us. But it´s worth it.

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Written by Jon Bennion-Pedley