Ownership versus Loanership

“Bricks and Mortar” in the UK have always been viewed as a safe and usually profitable investment.

On the upside……

  • Property prices always go up in the long term
  • There is an ongoing shortage of property to buy and to rent
  • There is no shortage of prospective tenants in an economy where home ownership is reducing
  • Rental yields are pretty good – and when coupled with capital growth should give a much better return than your cash ISA, the bank or a unit trust
  • You have the warm and fuzzy feeling of owning something.
  • You can sell it at any time and take the capital gain

But on the downside……

  • Who the hell wants gains in the long-term? We want them now and regularly. And not subject to the vagaries of the world economy, a nightmare neighbour, or a new road initiative.
  • How expert are you in terms of choosing the “right” property? And, honestly, have you ever met an estate agent that you would trust with your life savings?
  • There are no shortage of tenants who have little or no respect for themselves……..let alone your property or your yield projections
  • The rental yields are pretty good until you factor in the reprobates above, their fag-burns, foul spillages, and missed rent payments – and the fees of the charlatans who found and claimed to vet them on your behalf
  • The warm fuzzy feeling of ownership is somewhat dissipated by the nights that you lie awake seriously considering burning down your own property to get the non-paying tenants out and give you the cash you invested back via an insurance claim
  • Property is illiquid. It can take years to sell. Then you have to pay the capital gains tax. After paying commission (bloody commission!) to the shyster that sold it to you in the first place.

What if it were possible to……

  • Be the provider of funding to allow someone else to own the property and responsibility – loaner-ship not owner-ship
  • Be in partnership with property experts who know the markets, the best locations, and have relationships with corporate buyers
  • Fix your loanership period at 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years so you know exactly when your money is coming back to you – to the day
  • Fix your annual yield so you know exactly what your earnings will be and the day of the year, or of the quarter, when they will be in your bank account
  • Benefit from the uplift in capital gain without attracting capital gains tax – or ever paying an estate agent!

If you invested £200,000 directly into UK rental property yourself today then assuming a net 5% yield per annum and a price increase of 2.5% per annum then your £200k would be worth £324,000 after seven years of rental income and rising property prices.

If you invested £200,000 into UK rental property with our partners then we would give you back £604,000. Legally guaranteed in contract and fully secured. With the option to take all your money plus interest of at least 12% per annum on any 12 month anniversary of your loan to us.

More and more of our clients are using the financial instruments that we identify to own property without the hassle, heartache or headaches – and making gains in UK property that are way higher than they could ever achieve themselves. Even if they had the time. If this sounds good then ask us and we´ll show you how: jon@investmentowl.com