FinTech and EdTech

FinTech and EdTech


Investment Description:

Industry: The world is changing beyond recognition and most of that change is being driven by technology. We believe that technology in both Financial Services (FinTech) and Education (EdTech) are forecast to continue to develop, innovate and impact for many years to come. The migration away from cash as a payment mechanism, the increasing irrelevance of the traditional banks, the emergence of digital currency and the ubiquity of the smart-phone create huge opportunities. The upgrade of an educational system designed in the early 1900s, immediate access to information, distance-learning and the need to develop radically different skills for a digital economy will see a metamorphosis in education. We have a number of exciting opportunities including:

· An extraordinary application that transforms charitable giving

· A fascinating app that links businesses to allow them to recycle their old technology, equipment, assets and plant at a profit

· An education platform that offers real-time training in educational and vocational fields – the aim to be the creation of more breadwinners in the poorest families


Proposition: Become a shareholder in these businesses and share in their journey and their success. All these businesses have been extensively researched for us by industry professionals, all of them have unique, monetise-able, proven technology, and all of them are operational. In all three cases we anticipate an early exit at a significant multiple via a trade sale.