Investment Description:

Industry: Particularly post Covid few industries have produced as much excitement as medical advances. Great science that dramatically improves lives is very expensive but very, very profitable. identified some of the most exciting products, cures and companies in medical development and we are helping them to raise funds to bring life-changing drugs or technologies to market.


These include:

· A vaccination system that abolishes the need for needles

· A virtual monitoring and treatment platform for dementia sufferers

· A drug that offers a 30% higher survival rate for pancreatic cancer

· A test and diagnostic platform that improves the success of chemotherapy by 50%


Proposition: Become a shareholder in these businesses and share in their journey and their success. All these businesses have been extensively researched for us by medical professionals, all of them have proven patented technology, and all of them are attracting interest from the biggest pharmaceutical and health companies. We are therefore hoping to see the businesses list at a substantial multiple of current share price and to deliver real, tangible, life-enhancing benefits to humankind.