This Year´s Love…….

Sometimes life can be boring. Investment Owl is brilliant at finding safe, secure and rewarding investment s that don´t risk capital and do reward at 10x what the bank might give you. But that´s not going to change your life is it? We all want more. And at Investment Owl we want to find the investments that do offer life-changing profits.

In investment terms as well as in life, I am an incurable romantic. I want to find the best and most exciting investment around for me and our clients. Just like with the wife it´s a long search and I am forced to kiss an inordinate amount of frogs. Often I look across the desk at the half-wit proposing some outlandish scheme and wonder why I even agreed to the date. But then that moment happens, when all the pain, boredom and halitosis (inexplicably common in financial geeks) were worthwhile.

Last year´s “Eureka” moment came when we completed the due diligence on GrowBiotech – a UK company specialising in the IP and applications for cannabinioid products. GrowBiotech continues to exceed expectations in terms of its business plan and we expect our clients to make twenty times (yes 20x) their original investment in 4 years.

This year´s love……..offers slightly less spectacular growth but I think will still make you ten times what you invest today in the next five years. And it has the added value of helping to solve a massive global threat – food insecurity.

Our client has developed and patented systems that allow crop farming to take place indoors and vertically. They have a farm in operation and:

·         It uses 95% less water than traditional methods

·         It uses no soil

·         It uses no fertiliser or pesticide

·         It reduces crop growth times by more than 70%

·         It extends shelf life by more than 20%

·         In consumer testing it appears to noticeably improve flavours

·         One quarter of an acre of indoor farm offers the same productivity as 40 acres of traditional farmland

They have signed a deal and JV to provide produce to a large US wholesaler, their expansion plans are ambitious but achievable, and they have recently been independently valued at £52m. You could buy shares from as little as £10k, help them achieve their targets, address food insecurity, stop over-farming and damage to the planet………and potentially walk away with £100,000 tucked underneath your halo in 2025.

Now do you see why I love it?!

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