The beautiful game…….and a glorious investment! By Jonathan Pedley

The beautiful game…….and a glorious investment!

I love football. And I love clever, secure, creative, impactful investment. The fact that most of what we find, and I personally invest in, has a meaningful and measurable impact on those who need a hand-up, and not a hand-out, is a constant source of joy to me. Having followed football and my English team for more than 45 years I have been saddened to see the adverse effect that money has had on football – and the detrimental effect that money has had on the beautiful game at the lower levels and in leagues outside of Europe. But it is the huge amount of money that now washes through football that is offering me the chance to help to create soccer academies in East Africa – allowing young and talented African footballers to transform their lives and the lives of their families and communities; and investors to make very good returns from an investment that will directly improve the chances of major success for gifted African youth footballers.

As with many other areas of the world economy black African footballers have a much smaller piece of the action than they should and could have. Whilst players of African origin are disproportionately represented in European leagues because of their exceptional athleticism players from Africa itself are very under-represented. In Uganda the government usually pays plane tickets to international tournaments as the aircraft is on the runway, the coaching is not at an international standard, facilities are poor, diet is bad, the national associations are defective, and there is little or no personal development or mentoring. We want to change that. And we know how to do so within a viable business model.

It´s a simple and proven strategy. Build a no-frills school/academy that offers specialist football coaching from some of Europe´s biggest clubs, 21st century sports science, strict discipline, absolute focus, the highest ethics and exceptional mentoring and support. Audition across the country to find the best natural talent and then enrol them in the academy. Develop the talent, place the very best at our sister clubs in Europe and the US, and then work hard on behalf of the athlete to agree a permanent contract and to help to manage and maximise the footballer’s career path.

Here´s the thing that sold it to me – the  business model is proven in West Africa where our partner has already placed 24 young, gifted players from their academy on professional contracts with professional football teams. Every one of those 24 players has had their lives, and those of their families and communities, changed forever by being given an opportunity that evades great players in Africa because of a lack of contacts, concentration and coaching.

Those 24 players have also proved the investment model. The Ugandan academy and its backers will receive fees every time a player is placed and/or transferred. In the case of the West African academy this has more than doubled investor money in five years and will do so again over the next three years. None of the fees collected by the Academy are at the player´s cost.

We already have the land that we require to build the academy – 8 hectares within 80km of Kampala. We have a sponsorship pledge from a worldwide sports brand and a coaching commitment from the academy of a world famous European football club.

Now we need $1m from investors who will be 50% shareholders in the Ugandan Academy which will be a joint venture with the international business that owns all the relationships with the professional clubs in Europe, US and China, a football club in Europe, and the expertise to make the venture work and work quickly. The $1m will build and run the academy and meet all the associated costs for a 5 year period during which time we know from experience that we can find, perfect and place at least 10 future Uganda footballing stars.

As a Ugandan investor you will have the chance to quadruple money over an eight year period, be involved in the life of the academy, and to make dreams come true. If this appeals to you and you can invest $25k or more then get in contact here and I will tell you more.