Knowledge is Power

Learning is life enhancing. Money brings choices. Knowledge is power.

Investment Owl is primarily a research business so we spend more than 70% of our time and resources learning about investments, technologies, industries and economies. And our almost perfect investment record is a result of the knowledge that we have amassed over three decades. And we want to give it away!!!!!

Or more accurately – we want to share it with the many people in Uganda who are members of investment clubs and SACCOs (Savings and Credit Co-Operative Organisations) – the engines of financial planning for many people in Uganda. 2020-2022 is likely to be a challenging period for the Pearl of Africa economically yet, as always, there is opportunity as well as risk.

And so we are holding a breakfast seminar at The Serena Hotel in Kampala on 30th January 2020 starting at 7.30am and finishing by 10.30am.. Our Seminar is called: “Successful SACCO investment in 2020” and we want to share not only a very big breakfast but also our findings, ideas and strategies as follows:

•       SACCOs and Investment Clubs – aims and objectives

•       Uganda 2020 – the Investment Environment

•       Uganda 2020 – Investment Strategies

•       Uganda 2020 – SACCO-friendly investments

•       Questions and Answers

•       1-2-1 Discussions and Advice

Our objectives are, as always, Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection – making sure that the money we all work so hard for works hard for us – and that it is protected.

You can contact us here to reserve a place. And to allow our knowledge to make your investments more powerful and productive. See you there!