Rare and Old Whisky

Investment Description:

Industry: The opportunity to benefit from an investment into an industry that has performed exceptionally well over the past decades and that is non-correlated to financial markets. The Scotch Whisky industry is rich in heritage, GI protected and renowned across the globe. Our partnerships allow our investors to purchase casks of rare whisky and have them stored in the best conditions for maturation whilst being monitored by experts to help them achieve their full potential in terms of both taste and profitability. Once they reach the ideal age for enjoyment and/or sale we help you to sell or bottle your cask.

Proposition: We help you select a cask according to budget and timeline, acquire the cask, and provide annual updates on both your purchase and the industry. This is a longer term investment where you can expect to make double digit returns (10-13% per annum) on an investment of between ten and fifteen years, A cask purchased for £5000 in 1986 sold earlier this year for more than £900,000! This investment is exempt from capital gains tax.