Off Market

Off Market


Investment Description:

We have clients that approach us to sell assets that must never be made public. Many of our private clients are very wealthy and very high profile and privacy is paramount to them. In many cases those sellers need to liquidate assets quickly and privately and this can offer the opportunity to acquire extraordinary assets at a price well below market value. In other cases the asset requires further investment to maximise its return and the vendor does not have the funds to do so. At the current time we have access to:

· A London sporting institution with extensive associated property

· A country estate with the potential for massive property development (3000+ units)

· An extraordinary vintage and classic car collection

· Several pieces of art by world renowned artists

· One of the best collections of vintage Scotch whisky in the world

All of which could either be acquired at an encouraging discount against current valuation or developed to return 400%+ valuation increases.


 Proposition: For those who have the means to play at the top end of the market the options are endless, exciting and exceptional.