Investment Description:

Industry: We have two excellent income bond options at the current time. One is in equipment leasing and the other in bio-fuels. Both businesses are profitable and established with blue-chip client bases. The bonds mature in 2023/4 but can be traded in Frankfurt, Dublin and the Cayman Islands so there is no minimum term. They are structured professionally and are bankruptcy remote. All coupons have been paid in full and on time.


Proposition: Invest through a regulated entity, receive all documentation within 10 days, enjoy your coupon after 6 months and then quarterly at either 8.25% or 9% per annum, exit at end of term or earlier if you wish.

Investment Breakdown

Minimum investment: $50,000

Return: Between 8.25% and 9% per annum paid quarterly (first coupon after 6 months)

Wealth Strategy: Income

Investment Method: Fully listed and tradeable “A”rated Income Bonds