Investment Description:

Industry: Few industries have prompted as much comment, or produced as much excitement, as medical marijuana has in the last few months. The industry is predicted to grow exponentially over the coming years as cannabinioids are deployed for medicinal purposes, hemp is increasingly used as a manufacturing material, and marijuana is legalised for recreational use. We have analysed a number of start-up businesses in this area and selected this Enterprise Investment Scheme as one that we believe will show substantial share-value growth. This Enterprise Investment Scheme has:

  • A proposition built around the value of Intellectual Property in this sector
  • Exceptional scientific expertise
  • Strong commercial skills
  • Principals with a track record of taking businesses to IPO


Proposition: The business is issuing shares now and has announced a planned flotation for Q4 of 2019. With several projects already underway we are hoping to see the business list at a substantial multiple of current share price and the principals of this Enterprise Investment Scheme are aiming for a return of $50 for every $1 invested in this first round of funding