Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry


Investment Description:

Industry: It would be difficult to find an industry that has generated more discussion, controversy, excitement or capital gains over the last three years than the marijuana industry. With scientists almost universally agreed that cannabinioids offer substantial medical benefits and significant wellness gains the industry is growing exponentially. Marijuana is now also legal for recreation use in most US states and many countries around the world. We have successfully invested in a small number of these businesses but have now chosen just one of them as the best business and investment opportunity for the following reasons:

· Patented cannabis strains developed in house

· Licences to grow in four countries already with more to come

· Manufacturing and packaging their own cannabis products

· Retailing own product in stores and online

· Creating brand loyalty and customer retention above 85%


Proposition: This is the only British cannabis business operating a truly vertically integrated model. They have sold shares at £1, £2.40, £4.80 and above £7. A full flotation or trade sale is expected before the end of 2022. With several additional products to be launched, an expansion into China, and the launch of a commodity desk for marijuana we expect our clients to enjoy a tax-free (EIS) gain of many times their initial investment.