Investment Description:

Industry: We have worked with this property developer for several years across several projects. They are specialists in designing and building high-end hotel resorts. Our investors lend them money over a three year period and they receive full security against the properties being built. Our clients are represented by a security trustee who acts on their behalf. You can visit the resort and meet the management team on or off-site. of the business that you invest in and the investment is always secured against attractive assets. You will receive an excellent contracted return on your investment.

Proposition: This opportunity offers a three year investment deal with interest payments made twice a year throughout the term from a business that has consistently met its obligations to lenders. Your money is fully secured against the development.


Investment Breakdown

Minimum investment: £25,000

Term: 36 Months (option to exit after 24 months)

Return: 13% p.a. year one, 16% p.a. year two, 20% p.a. year three paid every 6 months

Wealth Strategy: Income

Investment Method: Secured Loan Note