Anticipating 8x gains and community transformation

My favourite quote of the moment: “Anticipation is the electricity of childhood.” Do you remember the excitement of anticipating Christmas? Or a birthday? Or the party, disco, school trip…….whatever??!! Prepare to be electrified. I am nothing short of giddy.


The best part of my job is finding a business that excites, impacts, rewards and fulfils its potential – for its owners, employees, community and investors. Check. Check. Check. And check.


As you know Investment Owl researches businesses and, if we like them, we raise money to help them to meet their expansion needs. It is rare that we help them with the plans themselves. However, one of the companies that we really liked and raised money for approached us early this year to see if we would help them to expand their operations into Uganda. And because we like their management team, business model, industry sector and business plan we agreed to work with them to see whether an operation in Uganda was feasible, practical and profitable.


It is. Wildly so!


Furthermore it will create up to 1,000 jobs in Uganda over the next 5 years and generate substantial foreign currency inflows for the country I now call home. A passion of mine is ensuring that as well as being profitable financially the businesses that we back are impactful in terms of the clients that they serve and the communities that serve them. This is both.


We are close to signing Heads of Terms of agreement although this probably won´t happen till mid December and the potential for the business, its backers and Uganda are huge. Our financial models show that by the end of 2021 shares in this UK business will increase from the current level of £1 to at least £8. They should go much, much, much higher.


As negotiations with the Ugandan authorities move toward a conclusion you will understand I can´t give more detail in a blog but if this sounds like an investment that might interest you then get in touch. We have extensive financial modelling that explains the big multiple. At this stage we can take investment amounts from $5000 upwards.


An early Christmas present?! For Uganda and yourself? I think so.

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By Jon Bennion-Pedley.